Top 15 Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorials

Harley Quinn has a unique look that makes designers want to imitate! You don't have to do your makeup exactly the way Harley Quinn's is , as you can see, these designers added their own touch and flare to there Harley Quinn inspired Makeup.  One thing is for certain, Harley Quinn's Makeup is very dramatic and dark. Have fun and learn a few tricks of the trade to add your own personal flair to your Harley Quinn Costume!

Harley Quinn Costumes for Women
Harley Quinn Costumes for Women
Harley Quinn Make Up Tutorials
Harley Quinn Make Up Tutorial by RenRen - This makeup artist painted a black diamond shape face mask with glittery red detail on the sharp points, instead of the rounded mask that Harley Quinn wears. She also used glittery red accent on her eyelids. I love this look! This is a great interpretation of Harley Quinn's Makeup! RenRen provides detailed photos and a video tutorial. For this look, RenRen noted that the hardest part about this tutorial was using a water based makeup instead to create a white face. She suggests that you use a more creamier white face paint instead. The lip design is more of a ombre red into black, instead of using full black lips. For the eylids, she used a metallic look with a blended smokey dramatic look and red glitter on the top.  She used large artificial lashes and shimmery white highlighting at the brow. I liked that she added to her eyelashes by drawing 3 whisks of lashes on each eye, from far away this effect would help the lashes stand out. She defined her face by using countouring techniques to give more depth to the white mask.
Harley Quinn Makeup by GoldieStarlin This Makeup looks very detailed and complicated, but with an ultra fine makeup brush, you can achieve this look! Angie used an airbrushing technique to completely whiten her face. She outlined her face to make it look like a mask. She created a checkerboard pattern eye mask alternating between black and red color to match Harley Quinn's signature colors. It takes patience to create the lines, but it isn't hard. She used fake lashes on the top and at the bottom. Angie alternated the color of the bottom lashes as well. The detail she put in the mask design is appreciated.  
Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial by Jen Head to Toe - The white face mask was created with a mix of foundation and face paint. She used blending and drawing to create the eye shape. She used a white color to make the mask look defined at the sides.I love the sharp center points in the center of the eye and the fade effect of this makeup. This is an excellent tutorial, great use of sound effects.
Harley Quinn by Melvin Lozada - This Harley Quinn Makeup tutorial is 2 tutorials in one video. The white face paint was used with the airbrush method. This artist noted that white tends to be streaky, so airbrushing allows an even application. This tutorial also had a checkerboard eye mask, alternating red and black. One tutorial is a cleaner looking Harley Quinn. The second one is the insane splattered Harley. Both makeup tutorials are excellent and spooky. Have fun watching if you dare!
Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial by Celina Rows - This makeup tutorial paints not only focuses on the face paint, but also on the neck area. The eyeshadow for this Harley is a sultry smokey effect with false lashes. She paints the Harley Eye Mask before she paints the white face mask. Celina used black and red lips. Black on the top, red at the bottom. This is a cute tutorial! 
Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial (Arkham City & Revenge) by Simple Makeup - Another double whammy tutorial, this excellent video shows Harley Quinn from Arkham City and Revenge.
Harley Quinn Makeup by Lisa Joy Young This is absolutely artistic. This is a great tutorial with some unique touches to the design.
HARLEY QUINN HALLOWEEN MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Kiki Makeup 90 - Kiki uses bling in this Harley Quinn makeup tutorial.
Harley Quinn by stachelbeere91 This is another great Harley Quinn Tutorial! Love the diamonds on the side. Excellent touch with the red eyebrows and extended smile line.
Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial by McKenzie Mann - This is a great depiction of a half masked look. Creative!
Harley Quinn Arlequina Tutorial - This Makeup looks like a cartoon! Great job. It's another tutorial where the neck and shoulder area are painted. The top of the hairline is also painted.
Harley Quinn by Madeyewlook - This is a very clean Harley Quinn Look. This artist made the eye mask appear comic-like by adding light reflections. Excellent tutorial!
Harley Quinn Inspired Makeup by Juwel Extreme Not really an eye mask, there is great accents around each eye. This is a very unique version of Harley Quinn's Makeup.
Harley Quinn by The combination of makeup and fake blood make this Harley Quinn Tutorial very unique.
Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial by Julia Graf - This makeup is very professionally selected and applied. What an excellent use of dark, vivid color. Very Clean and Shiek.
Harley Quinn Costumes for Women
Harley Quinn Costumes for Women

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